Monday, July 21, 2014

Shame Shame

I'm addicted to Shameless the TV series -british of course- I am ashamed to say. My favorite character these days is Shane Maguire but it's not hard to guess the real reason I started watching it was James McAvoy yum! He's since moved on with his slag girlfriend Fiona (Anne-Marie Duff) but the Maguires seemed to have held down the fort ok. Which is exactly as it would be being a crime family that oppresses the neighborhood with a Stockholm syndrome affection.
James, I am just kidding about the slag thing James. I respect anyone you're with. I love you that much. Not in a sick, stalking, murderous fan kind of way but in a serious if Anne-Marie decides she's had enough I'd like the sloppy seconds thank you... because to me they're never sloppy James. Alright I'll stop now...
Anyway, so shameless...where were we? Righto. So sometimes I find it hard to follow the fast talking Chatsworthians. Sentences are manchester street slang packed but occasionally I learn a new derogatory word or phrase to add to my useless insult dictionary and a little about street culture and stereotypes UK style. Season 8 is really showing that the makers have lost a bit of their purpose but you still get a glimpse into the various lifestyles. The show usually leaves one thinking about the real scenarios and the impact such lifestyles have on real people. How could a neighborhood function with so much crime that doesn't show itself often in the show but it's there like a reminder that yes people do get killed here. Just not the main characters unless of course they have to move on from the show. Like Mandy Maguire who's character was lacking spunk for a while. Then her boyfriend who had an affair with Karen and added a little interest to the show as a one man match for the mob family Maguire. I have yet to summarize the show with my socioeconomic analysis tendencies but stay tuned.

Monday, June 16, 2014


I love catching a song and going like "where is that beat from?". It's like random trivia. I'm sure there are tons of matches I don't get because you really have to have an extensive library of music in your memory. I always think rhythms are recycled in the music industry and I often respond like Aha! (no not 'take on me') I caught you! but I guess it also brings to mind glee club "mash ups" (yes I watched Glee) and then it's not so bad (What!?, am I getting soft?). Plus it's an honor really to have someone use your riff or beat (Who am I?). I was checking out Phantogram and came across this number which I like.

Then recalled this original by Q-Tip.

Just for the sake of my obsessiveness I wish I had the equipment to overlay the tracks.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

HAIM gonna burst if I listen to the wire one more time.

Alright so we get kids missed out on the 80's/90's transformation. The group of sisters' sound is a conundrum of Vampire Weekend, Shania Twain, Sheena Easton, Lisa Lisa cult jam, Heart, the list goes on. I guess that's ok for the newer generation especially with the likes of Miley C and what's her face Roar girl. But if you don't want to get I know I know I know stuck in your head for days don't listen to the wire song. It's highly addictive because of the repetitive method similar to Diane Young but it's so reminiscent of Shania Twain i keep expecting to hear at any moment "Man I feel like a woman". The girls lack some originality but by bringing back the sound of the 80's in HD they get hair-raising effects and a reluctant fan base being pulled kicking and screaming. They definitely don't need saving. With a look like Axl Rose and Poison but with modern fem sensibilities they are quite confident in their crossovers.

Lorde Amen

So who the heck is Veronica Bayetti Flores? I certainly did not know and I still don't know because I'm not looking her up...well maybe not yet. Hopefully my busy life will consume my curiosity and I will forget. Apparently it's some influential blogger, influential enough for people to give her credence for accusing Ella Yellich-O'Connor (Lorde) of being racist. Really? racist? Why? because she speaks to the thinking non-american smitten global populace of young people? Yes America, there is a world out there! Filled with brilliant young minds. What Flores failed to realize ( and I just might look her up just to see what her background is, because that might explain her glazed view) is that American media is far reached and feeds the pop culture around the globe, penetrating otherwise normal lives to create a sense that their's isn't good enough. American life and american products of plastic and bling is pushed to other nations as the perfect happy existence - wealth and freedom (the American lie). People emigrate for a life in the US because they believe they will finally have their own and live happily ever after but then they realize that it's a soul sacrificing struggle and when you get to the top of your mole hill you've lost everything along the way and what you are left with is a machine that constantly needs greasing or it will shut down and you'll be right where you started. The worse off ones are the ones who believe and who are the most important cogs because if everyone stopped believing in the beast it could not survive. The machine needs its cogs and the cogs come from around the globe to serve the great wizard and they can stay but they can never leave the hotel california. Anyway, before I get shot...(because freedom is also a fallacy) I digress.
The song Royals calls out the hip hop and pop music world for being a sham. The american industry as a whole is a sham. Ella has probably had to sift through much annoying american media and literature to find anything of quality. I know I'd be pushed to the edge if I didn't shut my radio off occasionally. With Miley and Katy churning out regurgitated material every second it's like trying to get out of a hall of mirrors because of someone you didn't want to see.  I'd love to hear what Ella thinks of those two but Ella beware of the beasts wrath. Tread carefully my friend. It feeds a multitude and it doesn't like to be pricked. By the way anyone notices how weird Miley's body language is? She walks like a jerky robot and the head occasionally has these spaz moments of involuntary movement in quagmire succession. She might not be real but an experiment.
Maybe hip hop and rap first had it's roots in the struggle from strife to an unimaginably wealthy life. There was a story, but some are just plain spinning fodder for the zombified generation. And since when is everything zombie related fun and exciting? What is the obsession? I mean just go to Pride and prejudice and zombies. How could a book that is basically plagiarism be so popular just because it throws in zombies? The hip hop Industry has been awash with the constant portrayal of bizarre excesses of alcohol, materials and women. The pop music industry flaunt drugged up clueless kids they promote who all serve to mislead and distract the young. So when a young person - who grows up in a world of normal strife and human issues and different wealth - begins to see the foil it's only fair to have this reaction - we don't care! Why am I a million miles away on the edge of the world being sold on a life that is foreign to everything I see around me? and by people who have no idea what is going on in the rest of the world? I wish you good fortune Ella because speaking the truth of what your eyes sees will win you tons of enemies.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The strong is weak!

Strong you suck! which I'm sure is a true statement at some point so you can't knock me for that comment.  Somebody please find a good replacement for weekend update. Honestly we were just fine with just Seth because Cecily you're killing me. It was really sad when I watched the rerun tonight where Tina came on and showed her how it's done - being naturally funny i.e. She really should stick to 'the girl you don't want to start a conversation with at a party'. She's great with dumb girl roles like the porn star hawkers although I don't care much for that skit. The hispanic chick skit with the puppy dog boyfriend isn't too bad either but she just isn't cut out for weekend update. Don't get me wrong, it's good to see some East Indian representation on snl.(sic) Here's an idea (Mindy for guest appearance). It seems to be the latest shtick with snl women to play dumb roles by the way so maybe she wouldn't fit the bill. About the only funny woman in cast seems to be Kate McKinnon but the whole show is in a sort of hibernation with near misses and bombs. We probably get 2 funny skits out of the whole show every weekend and they manage to keep their heads above water by having constant appearances by Kristen Wiig and Tina Fey and it's about the only thing that keeps people actually wanting to check out snl. Lome should really look into having Andy and Bill as guest appearances! And what about Mr. Peepers? classic! Otherwise we'd really rather be out sucking down some margaritas. We just have to get our kicks elsewhere these days. I don't mean to be so hard on a fellow woman and maybe you can prove me wrong but I just don't have the time to wait and see. Bobby Moynihan! You rock!

As for Tonight's regular show...Oh good Lord Kristen LOFrickinL! Yay Will, Steve and Dave!
Keenan was also awesome! but 1D come again...oh can't. Don't worry, you won't be missed. I'm not a fan of the group of course but snl is always an opportunity to check out what music artists have to offer because there's the visual entertainment challenge. In the rerun Arcade Fire was guest artist and they put on a show with great enthusiasm even though you might have been wondering what they were going for especially when the female singer Regine did the weird reflection demonstration. But we get it...the song is enough to carry the act so I don't think anyone cared too much as we were all probably trying not to wince.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

celebrity blitz

Ok so I am not so busy that I am not available for commenting on Miley Cyrus. I really don't bother with the celeb comings and goings but Miley has been really working the media and I hear her name in my office, see her pictures on every news page on the web so I can't seem to avoid finding out what the bleep she's up to now. So far, she got all freaky on MTV awards, sang a hit song about doing Molly, commented that she prefers Molly and weed compared to cocaine, drew Sinead O'Connor out for a girl fight then won herself a spot on SNL. That was pretty good but really, I think she needed to space them out a just all seemed to bowl the spotlight over a bit to quickly but we're so used to these things now we go oh wow! wth! then...on to the next thing, we move on and now, well I think we will forget about her for a while. My honest thought on the whole thing is I believe she does it all for show (duh) but I mean I don't think she really does Molly and parties as much as she purports to and neither is she really the persona she has taken on. The weed part I think she might have been doing for a while now because I've seen my brother who's smoked pot for eons and he has no idea how slow he is. His brain has slowed down so much it affects his speech. Compared to years ago when I was younger he's just not the bright person I used to know. I have to say, legalizing weed is probably just another tactic to continue dumbing down America. Anyway, so if we've forgotten about Miley then why am I writing this? Well unfortunately I saw Katy Perry on the Bruce Willis episode of SNL and thought of Miley and what I wanted to say about all the nonsense she's been doing and as for Katy and her Roar performance, well...I have yet to see her talent. My friends have a running joke about her "firework" song but that's about the only affect she has in my circles. I conscientiously try to boycott things I believe to be stupid and Katy Perry is one of them. - Others include, AT&T, Comcast (same thing), I'm close to boycotting Stop & Shop altogether, I tried to boycott Capital One when I dumped them but then they bought my credit card company so I'm back with them but I will do it again soon but on to my story - While watching the SNL episode she came on and started the Roar song and I immediately thought I knew that song from somewhere and wondered if she was about to do a cover. So I kept repeating the opening of her song to myself so it would jog my memory and while the song transformed to the song I was thinking of it hit me - The Lumineers Ho hey! she copied the rhythm! Check it out just at the beginning. So many songs copy songs that have gone before. There's hardly any real talent anymore it's all about smoke and mirrors. The talented is certainly not in the mainstream media.

Friday, April 19, 2013

If I can think it...

How do I patent an idea? GPS reminder. Have you ever thought of a restaurant or other great destination you would like to visit when next you were in the area? Then there should be a GPS app to note places or things you would like to do once you are in the area. Then when you're there again t reminds you! Mark Zuckerberg you better stay clear!!! Google would be the best way because their maps are already most frequently used.